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Comment on Testimonials by Michelle.

Be warned that every acotin has an equal and opposite reaction, but I found this one worked nicely:You will need:-2 Candles, One representing your element (A blue Ky’rie [Spelling?] scented candle for me), the other representing you given targets element (A green sage scented candle for earth)-A piece of your hair-A piece of your target’s hair1 Engrave on the rim of the candle representing you your name, and engrave your target’s name on his represented candle. Below the names, Engrave the elemental symbols for both.2 Take your target’s candle and charge it with energy. While doing so, focus on whomever it may be. This will link it to that person. Try using a fond memory of just the two of you.3 Place your own energy in your candle.4 With both candles charger, take your targets hair and wrap it around the wick of your candle, and vice-versa5 Try to arrange a meeting of some sort. When you have a set time, ensure the candles are in a place where they hold no chance of catching fire, (or just leave them if your meeting where they are stored) and light them where they will burn for at least part of the duration of the meeting.This, while by no means will make the person swooning for you, will help break the ice, ease tension, and make you and your target more sympathetic and caring for the other. If the person has feelings for you, this will strengthen them so to speak. It will allow them to express those feelings even if they feel it is in better interest not to. It does this by linking your souls and spiritual energy, which creates a bond between the two as long as the wick burns (due to the hair).I used this spell when my fiance broke up with me out of the blue (We had been dating for a year, engaged for 1/2 year, absolutely no problems), and found out my fiance was threatened with my life on the line. He couldn’t admit due to the threat without hurting me, but this spell allowed the release of those inhibitions, which then allowed us to come to a mutual agreement. Right now, we have been married for 1/2 year after the fact (2 1/2 years total) and are happy as ever.