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Comment on Testimonials by Brenda.

Dear Dr. Bones, my name is Burenda Stokes, I’m in a depressed state, me and my husband broke up in 2015, got a divorce in 2016, I didn’t want the divorce, but he insists, I still in love with him very much, now he live with a ex friend of mine, I got the house in the divorce, and now I had a fire in the kitchen, the insurance gave a check, but he is holding it and want give it to me, I tried calling him and texting him, but he want answer me or talk or call me back, he is very bitter and anger, when he cheated on me, can you please help me get my husband back, and make him forget the past,,and love only me forever.please answer soon, my # is 904-625-1420 if you need to get in contact, I tried calling you @ 504-324-0030 with no answer. I need your help as soon as possible.