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Comment on Doctor Bones Love Spells by chirley jonhson.

Dr. Bones has saved my life, I felt like my life was turning into a nightmare everything was turning upside down, my husband left because of all his cheating we would fight every night for the same thing, my daughter would see us fight every night it was starting to affect her she would feel sad almost all day i wouldn’t see her laugh like before nor smile and that affected me because she’s the princess of the house we would always spoil her and go out on the weekends or day offs, my husband started spending less time with us wouldn’t be home much anymore, i spoked with him about the sitiuation and we ended up arguing he started getting aggresive being pissed all the time hes at home, so things fell off we broked up i was living with my daughter alone feeling alone and sad after 4 years of being together with a 3 year old daughter. it came to those moments i was stressed out and miserable. i didn’t know what to do but move on. i was a social media when i read a post saying if you where going through some rough times with your husband and need some advices to give call it had a number on Display so my curious self called, A man answer named Dr. Bones he was kind and friendly. I Spoked with him for an hour and half he gave me the best advices i ever gotten he made me feel great he said not worry things are going to happen for the best he wishes me allot of luck and thank him later. a week passed by my husband called crying saying he misses his family and wants to come home we set up a date we went on a picnic with our daughter we took some hot dogs and burger with orange Juices we did allot of catching up, He moved back home with us i have seen a huge change in him he’s giving us the love her never gave us before we spend more time than before we go every where together Oh God I over Love my family and feel like i got my life back i have never been more happy than ever it made me love my family more. I am so glad i gave Dr Bones That call i cant thank him Enough,. I am feeling blessed Its right what they say never.

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