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Comment on Doctor Bones Love Spells by Annette Alvarez.

Well I Am Here To Let Everyone Know What i Actually Experience this last couple of days, so i gave dr. bones a call told him about a friend whom i am really in love with, but i explained to him i would like to be with him but i would not like to have to be the one to ask if we can be together so i asked him if he can help me on that .. he said sure he would be more than happy to help me.. okk so i gave him his name & age, he said he would special dark magic for my issue & consider i should act as this never happened, but to still act the same way as nothing changed, so i invited him out one day to eat afterwards he invite me to see a movie, after the movie he decided to tell me something & lucky it was about we should be more than friends so we been dating now for almost 2 weeks, i still keep in touch with Dr. Bones for other Advises and any other issues i have going on in or might just experience in the future. I advice to give Dr. Bones a call for any similar situation.

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