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Having problems with your love life? You come to the right place. Dr. Bones is a genuine voodoo spell-caster, who specializes in love spells amongst other thing. Started business in 1963 at the age of 16, when my grandparents made me quit school to go full time at voodoo, making it a business with more than 6 decades of experience. Whether you have love, money, luck or a hex is poisoning your life, he can provide an answer to your problems. He has the tools and knowledge to bring joy to your life. With almost half a century of experience Dr. Bones has helped many others get their lives together. With a call Dr. Bones can start changing your life in no time. One short call can change the path of your life significantly, and have the spirits by your side.

voodoo healing practices and remedies in new orleans

Voodoo Healing Practices and Remedies in New Orleans

Voodoo, a syncretic religion that combines African, Catholic, and indigenous beliefs, has a long-standing presence in New Orleans. One aspect of Voodoo that draws interest is its unique approach to healing practices and remedies. In this article, we will explore some of the traditional methods used in Voodoo for healing purposes in the context of New Orleans.

History of Voodoo in New Orleans

Voodoo originally arrived in New Orleans with enslaved Africans who practiced their traditional spiritual beliefs despite the efforts of slave owners to suppress them. Over time, Voodoo evolved in New Orleans to incorporate elements of Catholicism and Native American traditions, creating a distinct form of the religion known as Louisiana Voodoo. This unique blend of influences is reflected in the healing practices and remedies used in Voodoo in New Orleans.

Healing Practices in Voodoo

Voodoo healing practices in New Orleans often involve a combination of spiritual and herbal remedies. Practitioners, known as Voodoo priests or priestesses, use their knowledge of herbs, rituals, and spiritual forces to address the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of their clients.

One common healing practice in Voodoo is the use of ritual baths. These baths typically involve a combination of herbs, oils, and other ingredients that are believed to have healing properties. The practitioner may recite prayers or perform rituals while the client bathes to cleanse their mind, body, and spirit.

Another hallmark of Voodoo healing practices in New Orleans is the use of charms, talismans, and amulets. These objects are often imbued with specific intentions and are believed to offer protection, healing, or good fortune to the wearer. Voodoo priests and priestesses may create these items during rituals or ceremonies, infusing them with spiritual energy.

Herbs and Remedies in Voodoo Healing

Herbalism plays a significant role in Voodoo healing practices in New Orleans. Practitioners often use a variety of plants and herbs with known medicinal properties to create healing remedies. Some common herbs used in Voodoo healing include:

1. Rue: Rue is believed to have protective and cleansing properties in Voodoo. It is often used in rituals to banish negative energies and provide spiritual protection.

2. Hyssop: Hyssop is associated with purification and healing in Voodoo. It is often used in ritual baths and cleansing ceremonies to remove spiritual impurities.

3. Lavender: Lavender is known for its calming and soothing properties. In Voodoo, it is used to promote peace, relaxation, and spiritual healing.

4. Patchouli: Patchouli is believed to enhance spiritual connections and promote personal growth in Voodoo. It is often used in rituals to attract positive energy and blessings.

These herbs can be used in various forms, including teas, oils, incense, or as ingredients in ritual baths and charms.


Voodoo healing practices and remedies in New Orleans offer a unique perspective on holistic health and wellness. By combining spiritual beliefs, herbal knowledge, and ancient traditions, practitioners of Voodoo strive to address the holistic needs of their clients and promote healing on multiple levels. Whether through ritual baths, charms, or herbal remedies, Voodoo offers a rich tapestry of healing practices that continue to thrive in the vibrant cultural landscape of New Orleans.

the top 5 most effective love spells in new orleans

The Top 5 Most Effective Love Spells in New Orleans

New Orleans is renowned for its rich cultural heritage, vibrant music scene, and, of course, its association with powerful love spells. Many people travel to the city in search of love spells that are said to be particularly potent and effective. If you’re looking to attract love into your life or strengthen the connection with your partner, here are the top 5 most effective love spells in New Orleans that you may want to consider:

1. The Red Candle Love Spell:

One of the most popular love spells in New Orleans involves using a red candle to attract love into your life. To perform this spell, you will need a red candle, some rose oil, and a piece of rose quartz. Light the candle and visualize the love you desire while anointing the candle with the rose oil. Place the rose quartz near the candle and let it burn down completely. The energy of the red candle and rose quartz is said to draw love towards you.

2. The Honey Jar Love Spell:

Another effective love spell in New Orleans is the honey jar spell. This spell involves putting your intentions for love into a jar filled with honey, herbs, and other ingredients. Write your desire for love on a piece of paper and place it in the jar along with herbs like rose petals, lavender, and cinnamon. Close the jar and bury it in the ground or keep it in a safe place in your home. The sweetness of the honey is believed to attract love to you.

3. The Love Knot Spell:

The love knot spell is a time-honored tradition in New Orleans that is said to bring two people closer together. To perform this spell, you will need a red ribbon or cord. Tie nine knots in the cord while visualizing the love you desire. As you tie each knot, say a loving affirmation or prayer. Once the knots are tied, keep the cord with you or give it to your partner as a token of your love and commitment.

4. The Mojo Bag Love Spell:

Mojo bags are small pouches filled with herbs, crystals, and other items that are believed to bring luck and protection. To create a love mojo bag, gather ingredients like rose petals, jasmine, and a small piece of rose quartz. Place these items in a small bag and carry it with you to attract love into your life. You can also give a love mojo bag to your partner to strengthen your connection and deepen your love.

5. The Love Potion Spell:

In New Orleans, love potions are commonly used to attract a specific person or deepen the connection with a current partner. To create a love potion, gather ingredients like rose water, honey, and a few drops of essential oils like jasmine or ylang-ylang. Mix these ingredients together and drink the potion while visualizing the love you desire. The energy of the potion is said to amplify your intentions and draw love towards you.

In conclusion, New Orleans is a city steeped in magical traditions and folklore, making it the perfect place to seek out powerful love spells. Whether you’re looking to attract new love into your life or strengthen the bond with your partner, the top 5 most effective love spells in New Orleans can help you manifest the love and connection you desire. Remember to always approach love spells with positive intentions and an open heart to truly harness their power.

the significance of herbs in hoodoo practices

The significance of herbs in hoodoo practices

Hoodoo, also known as rootwork or conjure, is a traditional African American folk magic practice that has been passed down through generations. One of the key components of hoodoo is the use of herbs and plants for their magical properties. These herbs play a significant role in hoodoo practices, as they are believed to have the power to heal, protect, and manifest desired outcomes. In this article, we will explore the significance of herbs in hoodoo and how they are used in spiritual work.

Connecting with Nature

In hoodoo, herbs are considered to be gifts from nature that hold powerful spiritual energies. Practitioners believe that by working with these natural ingredients, they can harness the healing and magical properties of the plants. By connecting with nature in this way, hoodoo practitioners can tap into the spiritual forces that govern the universe and work in harmony with them to achieve their goals.

Cleansing and Purification

One of the primary uses of herbs in hoodoo is for cleansing and purification. Many herbs are believed to have the ability to clear negative energy, remove blockages, and purify the spirit. For example, herbs like sage, cedar, and sweetgrass are commonly used for smudging rituals to cleanse a space or person of negative energy. Similarly, herbs like hyssop and rue are used in spiritual baths to remove spiritual impurities and bring about spiritual renewal.

Protection and Warding Off Evil

Herbs are also used in hoodoo for protection and warding off evil influences. Certain herbs like bay leaves, basil, and rosemary are believed to have protective properties that can create a barrier of spiritual defense. These herbs are often used in protective sachets, mojo bags, or charm bags that are carried on the person or placed in the home to ward off negative energies, curses, or psychic attacks.

Manifesting Desires and Intentions

Herbs are also used in hoodoo to manifest desires and intentions. Different herbs are believed to have unique magical properties that can be used to attract love, money, success, or good luck. For example, cinnamon is used for love spells, while basil is used for prosperity and abundance. By using the corresponding herbs in their spellwork, hoodoo practitioners can amplify their intentions and manifest their desires more effectively.

Healing and Wellness

In addition to their magical properties, herbs are also used in hoodoo for healing and wellness. Many herbs have medicinal properties that can be used to treat physical ailments or promote overall well-being. For example, chamomile is used for relaxation and stress relief, while peppermint is used for digestion and energy. Herbal remedies and teas are commonly used in hoodoo to address various health concerns and promote healing on a physical, emotional, and spiritual level.


Herbs play a vital role in hoodoo practices, serving as powerful tools for cleansing, protection, manifestation, and healing. By working with herbs in their spiritual practices, hoodoo practitioners can tap into the natural energies of plants and harness their magical properties to manifest positive outcomes in their lives. Whether used in spells, charms, baths, or teas, herbs are a key component of hoodoo that connects practitioners to the forces of nature and the spiritual realm.

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Doctor Bones has a very busy schedule and there is a waiting list for Consultations and Spell Works. We try to get everyone in ASAP, however Doctor Bones is only one person and substantial amount of his time is spend working on the actual Spells.
Remember, Time is not on your side, my friend. The longer you wait, the more work it will take to attain your goal (if attainable at all) and the longer the list grows!

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    Dr. Bones is the Greatest Voodoo spell caster he has helped me along the way in life on money and luck spells, he knows different spells for different occasions he can help you on anything your seeking for, my close friend was going through some tough situations in her life so i referred her to speak wit Dr. Bones about the situation and moments she was experiencing she came back to my relieved and happy, very thankful with me and was amazed about Dr. Bones work she still says she cant believe. she seems to be doing great in her marriage everything has been going great for her and am just glad shes feeling wonderful. i explained to her Dr. Bones has been doing miracles for years as myself he has gotten some DUI charges i picked up get dismissed and also great paying jobs i have been fine my relationship with my boyfriend is good i been with him for 2 years now. i always keep in touch with Dr. Bones just in case. i hope our experience can help you and give you trust on Dr. Bones and motivates you to speak him on similar situations in your life. you wont regret he sure would be happy to help you.

  37. Kathy Vargaz

    If it wasn’t for Dr. Bones i really Don’t know where my life would be right now, he saved my marriage after a 3 month split with my husband we actually shared 3 kids, i got pregnant at a young age but we always maintained a loving and peaceful family we been together since high school so you can say its more like high school sweetheart thing hahaha, but anyways as time went by we had 2 more kids which turned out to be twins. well slow by slow we started to have personal problems job issues, and relationship problems and family problems but slow by slow we managed to get through them but things started to change at home the loving family we once had just went down the drain, and something i love the most is my family and i wouldn’t trade it for nothing. well a close friend of mines which she studies voodoo online and offered if she wanted to let Dr. Bones know about my situation so i agreed than she told me Dr. Bones would like to speak to me at first i was like this seems creepy but i decided to speak to him , i just wanted my family back. well Dr. Bones was very nice and kind and he promised me that i would recover m,my family and i would receive the best outcome soon, it all happened as he predicted it would happened, i am more than Grateful with Dr. Bones because that loving family i once had is back home and everything seems to be perfect no fights nor arguments. its just amazing what Voodoo can do!

  38. Astrid Torrez

    Dr. Bones is a life savor he saved my relationship with my boyfriend after we splitted up like for 2 months, for personal problems, i love my boyfriend and i knew for a fact that things where not gonna be the same without him at all i just would not give up on our relationship at all. but after speaking with Dr. Bones all that is over and came to an end we went out to eat and do some catching up on lost times from all the fighting moments and situations. i am glad i spoked with Dr.Bones and was able to fix my relationship because family is all we got in this world. i am actually blessed to say life is great so far.and everything is going well. i am pretty sure Dr. Bones can help you in any situation your going through trust me on that i tell it you by experience because now i have 2 jobs are pretty tireing but well paying also. Thanks Dr. Bones!.

  39. Annette Alvarez

    Well I Am Here To Let Everyone Know What i Actually Experience this last couple of days, so i gave dr. bones a call told him about a friend whom i am really in love with, but i explained to him i would like to be with him but i would not like to have to be the one to ask if we can be together so i asked him if he can help me on that .. he said sure he would be more than happy to help me.. okk so i gave him his name & age, he said he would special dark magic for my issue & consider i should act as this never happened, but to still act the same way as nothing changed, so i invited him out one day to eat afterwards he invite me to see a movie, after the movie he decided to tell me something & lucky it was about we should be more than friends so we been dating now for almost 2 weeks, i still keep in touch with Dr. Bones for other Advises and any other issues i have going on in or might just experience in the future. I advice to give Dr. Bones a call for any similar situation.

  40. Robert Franklin

    I had some Trouble Recently with The law, driving under the influence and also driving without License. i was stopped at a Traffic light for driving with the headlights turned off so i was pulled over and asked for my license and told them i didn’t have any so i was tooken out the car searched and was charged with DUI and driving with a suspended license. i bonded and had some court cases to attend. i need some help on that so i called Dr. Bones i have known Dr. bones for atleast 3 years and he has always helped me on alot of problems i have been going through in life. well after Speaking with Dr. Bones i assisted the all 3 different Court cases and all where dismissed and put to No Action. and 2 Years Before Dr. Bones helped me in my relationship with my long time girlfriend we been together for 4 years and at some point in our relationship we where going through some hard times you know normal things fighting and accusations but it was getting far from normal so i also spoked to Dr. Bones about the situation and personal problems too.. 2 weeks after we spoked our relationship changed and we started loving each other more it started to look like we never went through those situations at all I’ve received the best of luck got 2 new jobs and started making more than ever did. ever since than i have never had a problem with my wife at all. nor any personal problem life has been great. Dr Bones had always been helpful to me. he knows plenty of spells for different situations. never to think voodoo can do such thing but believe me i thought the same thing too but was proven wrong… Thanks to Dr. Bones for all the Blessings toward my life

  41. Bill Hollingsworth

    All thanks to Dr. Bones, My life has been at its best, I’ve known Dr. Bones for almost 15 years now, & He has helped me along my years of life. I was going through some rough times with my wife, my kids, work and personal problems. everything was just falling apart , Until a friend advice me & Referred to Dr. Bones that i should get in contact with him that hes the resolution to my problems, So i decided to give it a try even though i was in doubt so i gave him a call and see what he can do we spoke for quiet awhile. I explained everything to him about whats going on with my life how everything is going down the drain and my marriage is tearing apart and personal issues are just building up on me & He said i shouldn’t have to worry anymore that i would receive the best of luck in life and the great spirits would bring the best outcome on me, After a week i didn’t see much results, 2 more weeks past by and Everything started to change at home the relationship with my wife changed allot & Also with kids our love has grew very strong, We where able to bond more and spend more family time together how it should always be because family is all we got. this even made me love and appreciate my family more than i should I ended up getting hired at 2 jobs to be able to take care of my family ever since than everything has been going well i am very grateful. All thanks to Dr. Bones.

  42. Mathew Brown

    Grateful Dr. Bones and his Great Service. I am still Amazed and stunned with his work he showed me theirs an answer for everything u just got to seek for it. well he has saved my marriage and my job i was so close into loosing both. but thanks to Dr. Bones i have both back and am officially appreciating them way more than befire. i love my wife and our 6 year old daughter. we have been sharing more time together and bonding more. to be honest we are soon to be married, we’re engaged now. i been with my fiance for 8 years now. maybe another member may be added to the family we cant wait its the best news you can get in life. i wanted to share my experience and let you guys know how great Dr. Bones service was, may god grant you all a very Great Day and blessing so to Dr. Bones too..

  43. Willis Ormiston

    Very Glad with Dr. Bones work. He did exactly what he said he would do everything he said would happen did actually come true. All thanks to him i was able to find my wife & have 2 wonderful kids i love life more than ever literally enjoying it more than ever worrying less about any problems or any bad situations. I love spending time with my loving family we are doing great, I’ve known Dr. Bones For quiet a while all this takes back a couple of years lets say at least 8 years ever since i spoked with Dr. Bones my life has fully changed alot i haven’t had any issues, i mean their might always be normal problems does mean life would be perfect but it’ll be something close to that, But as you can see the above comments you read other peoples experience with Dr. Bones. Don’t be afraid to speak with Bones about any likely situation your experiencing in life or going through. I promise you that you wont Regret it not One Bit Trust me.. Blessing Everyone have a Great Day…

  44. Rosemary Reyes

    @marie Not really is pretty reasonable, it all Depends on what your are looking for Dr. Bones can work something out with you just give him a call and explain to him what you are seeking for.

  45. Mary

    I have the same questions is his services expensive

  46. Stephanie Minaj

    Dr. Bones Great voodoo man very passionated, talented, & understanding. never to think that voodoo can be Powerful i had good outcomes After speaking with Dr. Bones i really cant be more thankful he gave me the best of luck i cant even complain at all also got hired at a good paying job, started a life with my long 3 year bestfriend & we finally decided to take things to another level, where doing great in our relationship so far we haven’t had any problem. Dr. Bones very talented on his work & listens to you on your life situations great advicer Too… SO Thankful with Dr. Bones and speaking with Him at first i had doubt and did not think Voodoo would be possible to FIx your love life problems and personal Moments but well i was Proven wrong. As you can see on the other Reviews not just you are going through the same moments in life other people can relate dont be shy to let everyone know about your Experience with Dr. Bones

  47. Chelsea Lopez

    Thanks to Dr. Bones, Because of his great help i was able to get my life back. I was feeling alone & miserable all unwanted my lover had left me with our kids all alone. After being together for 4 years now, recently we where going through some rough times fighting here and there him coming home drunk almost everyday weird smell i knew he was being unfaithful to me, so we spoked about the situation seems like he just got more pissed so we got separated we decided it was best for both of us he left. for a little without his help we where managing to get through some situations here and there, i learned about Dr. Bones and his voodoo work so i decided to get in contact with him well after speaking with Dr. Bones. my husband gave me a call we spoked for a while like husband and wives do, After speaking with my husband i felt a great change in him.. out of a sudden my husband came back on his own to live with us making big changes supporting us in every move and every situation Love is STRONG remember that! I really cant be more grateful with Dr. Bones.

  48. Rosemary Reyes

    I am very Glad i got in contact with Dr. Bones. for quiet a while my love life was just turning upside down. Me and my husband where fighting everyday for unfaithfulness he’s coming late drunk acting all different fighting with me saying he wishes he can be single that he didn’t ask to be with me and have a daughter. that his life is stressed out it was coming to a point that we were gonna separate from each other, i was feeling like everything was my fault i tried to do everything differently i changed allot and it still wasn’t enough we splitted for a week. i have this close friend that i always tell my things to,.. So she advised me to get in contact with Dr. Bones that he should be able to help with my situation. So i decided to give him a call what do i have to loose and well it was the best decision i have made i spoked with him and explain everything thats going on in my life he talked to me like if we knew each other for a long time and told me to worry less that great outcome is coming, and it did just after 1 week of speaking with him my husband moved back in the house started to cherish our daughter more giving her more love than before and started spending more time with us, after 3 more weeks things got better than before like if the fights never happened i am feeling like i have won the world back and am loving my life and family more than ever, I really cant be more thankful with Dr. Bones he has saved my Marriage.

  49. Alexandra Amaya

    It was worth the call i gave Dr. bones. got my Life back together received the best of luck got my boyfriend to stay with me after all the fighting & stressful days we where going through, where doing so much better than before & things are just getting better and better seems like things are going to be fine feeling wonderful and loving my life.. I cant be more thankful with Dr. Bones!. Much Blessing Boss!.

  50. Ashley Ramos

    It really does you’ll start seeing results as quick as possible, for me it started in one week after speaking with him. You should give him a call and see what he can do for you trust me he would be glad to help you

  51. marie

    Is his serviced expensive

    • Mary

      Have u gotten a response back from Dr. Bones, if so can you tell me if he is expensive.

  52. Michele Fisher

    Thanks Allot to Dr. Bones He actually got my husband to return home to his loving family, after all the rough situations between our marriage things have changed allot after speaking with Dr. Bones my husband has now been spending more time with us than before supporting us in every decision & any situation i really cannot be more happy than ever am loving my life also feeling blessed my family is way better than before & getting better within the days..all Thanks to Dr. Bones may god grant you many blessings!..

  53. Billie Marsh

    Greetings Everyone, so I’ve read every ones reviews about Dr. Bones some are good outcomes some are not… i for myself had a good experience of Dr. bones I’ve known him for years now, he’s been practicing the power of voodoo way before i met him, we go way back. his spells are actually very powerful & does release some very energetic spirits when doing his ritual, we been along way now.. thanks to him i stand where i am owning what i own, he’s done voodoo spells for me & rituals, iv’e gain lots of what i own because of him, hes a very potentially talented man never doubt his work, u never know what help it can do to you, as myself for example i once doubt him& look now.. i own a couple of business myself, i have my wife with 3 kids 2 boys and 1 girl twin boys 21 and 18 year old daughter what else do i need.. all i suggest you people is to do be wise don’t just get in contact with him for simple reason be smart & think huge my people you never know what you can gain, try it..

    Vows to Dr. Bones Much Respect Boss!.

  54. Ashley Ramos

    I Owe Dr. Bones almost everything, I’ve gotten the best outcome from his work. 2 years ago i was going through some rough times in my life most where relationship problems being played with not taken very seriously, i was used to being use as a joke. i would feel miserable and depressed unwanted and alone, i would always go to the local library for my college studies, so iwas sitting at a table reading a book a man approached me and said you seem a little sad and lonely whats going on if i may ask so i decided to have a quick talk with him and explained some of my situations that are going on, he said he felt connect and can relate that he went to the same thing is his life at the end he slit me slip of paper with a number on it. a few hours later i got home i decided to give him a call for a little advice , as i called the number a man answer and said whats the problem he sounded very friendly and caring. i was shy and confused i asked i was talking to allen he responded said no is Dr. Bones i was like sorry wrong number, he replied no you have called the right person are you going through some unsatisfying moments in your life feel free to speak with me i am here to help at first i was in doubt but at the same time i was like well what do i have to loose and i didn’t have anything else to do. So i spoked to him and explained everything that was going on i got very openly with him he seemed to care and listened to me very carefully we had a long conversation we spoked for atleast an hour. He spoked to me like if he knew me for quiet a long time and said things are going to happen for the best better days are coming your way good Lucky Ashley, well as he said was going to happen after a few weeks things where changing i met my boyfriend at an ice cream near by the library where i always go we been together since than, i moved out the house a year later i live with him now, we are both working also, everything is perfect i never been in a relationship like the one am in now i wouldnt trade it for anything, i am 2 months pregnant we have been together on our ups and downs but we are fighting every problem together supporting each other no matter the cost. its just weird how i met that guy allen at the library but never seen him again , but i am so thankful i met and got in contact with Dr, Bones it was the best decision i have made, i am feeling blessed.

    • Biauta

      Does this really work


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