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Most people have heard of voodoo and may have seen depictions of it in movies or on television. Sometimes voodoo is shown as a wild and dangerous practice. True voodoo is not like this at all. Most people do not realize that voodoo is an old and honored tradition. It has survived and thrived for many years because those who practice it have found success in its techniques. Many people find that voodoo spells can increase their success and happiness in life, so they return to voodoo experts again and again to enjoy a better life through love spells, money spells, revenge spells and luck spells.

People like Doctor Bones, who have studied and practiced voodoo for many years, have become experts on its use. They understand how to guide specific types of energy toward people in need, and they know the right spells to use in every situation. Voodoo experts like Doctor Bones are able to choose the exact spell for any given situation and can even change small details to make the spell specific to the person and situation it was meant to treat.

Many of Doctor Bones’ clients come to him desperate to fix their lives and relationships. So many lonely people have tried meeting a partner through friends, online dating and through people at work with no luck. Eventually, if they are lucky, they find that voodoo love spells can attract loving energy and the perfect partner to their lives. Love spells have the power to bring new love into a someone’s lonely life, to catch the attention of someone the client finds attractive, to bring back a lover who has left and to strengthen or reinvigorate an existing love. Voodoo love spells can even increase passion in a relationship that has gone cold.

Those who feel their love is slipping away are in particular need of a voodoo love spell. A love spell can be used to bring a straying or disinterested partner back and can turn that person back into a willing participant in the relationship.
Do you know people who seem to have it all together and just have all the luck in the world? Doctor Bones can cast a spell to make you one of those people. You can find yourself with more money than you ever needed and better luck than you’ve ever had. Soon others may be asking themselves why you seem to have all the luck.

A lack of money can lead to all kinds of problems from losing a home, having utilities shut off or just experiencing a general lack of happiness in life. Sometimes money problems can get so bad that a person can feel like he is drowning in them. Voodoo money spells open the client’s life to the flow of money through a better job, an unexpected windfall or a change in financial obligations. Money spells cause the person involved to be a magnet to money like a lamp is to a moth.

Luck spells are particularly helpful in promoting positive life events and decreasing the negative. Good luck and bad luck are everywhere, and it is up to an individual to call the luck he wants into his life. This can be accomplished though voodoo luck spells. Spells cast for luck open up the client’s life to good luck while creating a barrier to bad luck.
Doctor Bones can also perform voodoo revenge spells for the client who wishes to find his own justice. A revenge spell can be used to bring punishment to someone who has hurt the client or someone the client loves. Revenge spells bring that negative energy back around to the person who spewed it in the first place, causing harm to come to an innocent person. The revenge spell directs that evil energy to the person who deserves it.

The next time you find yourself wondering why someone else is so successful in love, money and luck remember Doctor Bones and his voodoo love spells. That person you were wondering about may just be a client of Doctor Bones.

If you could use a boost in your love life or financial situation or just need some great luck, try a voodoo spell by Doctor Bones. You could have other people wondering about your secret.


    • griever

      Give me a call (504) 324-0030

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  1. Martina M.

    I loved my experience. He was great with responding.
    Me and my Boyfriend are back together and possibly have a Baby on the way. Thank you so much

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  2. Juliette Harris

    Im very pleased with doctor bones. I would recommend him to anyone. He takes his time with you. im very pleased

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  3. Jacob Rich

    Doctor Bones has helped me a good deal so far. Always nice to talk to a fellow Southerner.

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  4. Brenda

    Dear Dr. Bones, my name is Burenda Stokes, I’m in a depressed state, me and my husband broke up in 2015, got a divorce in 2016, I didn’t want the divorce, but he insists, I still in love with him very much, now he live with a ex friend of mine, I got the house in the divorce, and now I had a fire in the kitchen, the insurance gave a check, but he is holding it and want give it to me, I tried calling him and texting him, but he want answer me or talk or call me back, he is very bitter and anger, when he cheated on me, can you please help me get my husband back, and make him forget the past,,and love only me forever.please answer soon, my # is 904-625-1420 if you need to get in contact, I tried calling you @ 504-324-0030 with no answer. I need your help as soon as possible.

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  5. Bill Hollingsworth

    All thanks to Dr. Bones, My life has been at its best, I’ve known Dr. Bones for almost 15 years now, & He has helped me along my years of life. I was going through some rough times with my wife, my kids, work. everything was falling apart , Until a friend advice me & Referred to Dr. Bones that i should get in contact with him, So i decided to give it a try even though i was in doubt so i gave him a call we spoke for quiet awhile , I explained everything to him about whats going on with my life how everything is going down the drain & He said i shouldn’t have to worry anymore, After 2 weeks past Everything started to change the relationship with my wife changed allot & Also with kids, We where able to bond more and spend more family time together how it should always be because family is all we got. I ended up getting hired at 2 jobs to be able to take care of my family ever since than everything has been going well i am very grateful. All thanks to Dr. Bones.

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  6. Noman Faith

    My name is Noman, I never thought I will smile again, My husband left me with two kids for one year, All effort to bring him back failed I thought I’m not going to see him again not until I met a lady called Jesse who told me about a spell caster called Dr. Bones, She gave me his email address and mobile number and I contacted him and he assured me that within 48hours my husband will come back to me, In less than 48hours my husband came back started begging for forgiveness saying it is the devils work, so I’m still surprise till now about this miracle,i couldn’t conceive but as soon as the spell was cast,i became pregnant and gave birth to my third child(Michelle) if you need any assistance from him you can contact him via:email [email protected]

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  7. nneeka mcclinton

    dr bones I would like a consult will be in batin rouge on 01/28/16 can I see you then? would also like to know if you are taking students?

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  8. FlorOliveth

    I don’t care about this, now i’m earning around 5000$ a month.
    There is tricky way i found on the web. If you want to learn it too, simply type in google: Ruthiezx’s method

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  9. Street Man

    I do not have a problem with women. As long as you got money and nice cars they are every where. This voodoo man is good for making me money. He has made me rich. He is good at spells to make your money good and keep the cops away. Does good work to protect me from the pigs. I respect and love this man. For him I have money, cars and all the bitchs I want.
    Street Man

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    • Ryan

      Heres the spell that I used and guess wat it resulted in (Read On) -Magick Love CharmGo into a cliareng in the woods on either a Friday or Monday night. Build a campfire. Throw a handful of coriander seeds onto the fore and say: O magick coriander, make him/her mad Sprinkle some caraway seeds onto the fire while saying: O magick caraway cause his/her wandering without surcease Toss some mastic gum on the fire saying O magick mastic put in his/her heart despair and tears Now sprinkle some cumin on the fire as you speak these words: O magick cumin bring him/her to me It is at this point that you throw verdigris (the blue green coating that forms on copper) on the fire saying: O magick verdigris light the fire in his/her heart Now take some myrrh throw it on the fire and say: O magick myrrh cause him/her a frightful night Finally take the straw from a cemetery broom toss it on the fire and say: O magick broom bring him/her to me This completes the ritual and the one you desire will be driven mad with passion for you! Well in my case it worked alright but it lasted only for 4 days and nights but at least i got the chance to go out with my girl for a while and guess wat! After the spell wore out I continued the relatioship and now we both truly love each other (thanks to the spell above that gave me an opportunity to get the initiative to get into a real and actual relationship)

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  10. K Smith

    Wow, Doctor Jorge voodoo is the best, he’s the real deal! I have used his services and everything he said would happen did! Complete success, with patience this man can change your life for the good!

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    • Michelle

      Be warned that every acotin has an equal and opposite reaction, but I found this one worked nicely:You will need:-2 Candles, One representing your element (A blue Ky’rie [Spelling?] scented candle for me), the other representing you given targets element (A green sage scented candle for earth)-A piece of your hair-A piece of your target’s hair1 Engrave on the rim of the candle representing you your name, and engrave your target’s name on his represented candle. Below the names, Engrave the elemental symbols for both.2 Take your target’s candle and charge it with energy. While doing so, focus on whomever it may be. This will link it to that person. Try using a fond memory of just the two of you.3 Place your own energy in your candle.4 With both candles charger, take your targets hair and wrap it around the wick of your candle, and vice-versa5 Try to arrange a meeting of some sort. When you have a set time, ensure the candles are in a place where they hold no chance of catching fire, (or just leave them if your meeting where they are stored) and light them where they will burn for at least part of the duration of the meeting.This, while by no means will make the person swooning for you, will help break the ice, ease tension, and make you and your target more sympathetic and caring for the other. If the person has feelings for you, this will strengthen them so to speak. It will allow them to express those feelings even if they feel it is in better interest not to. It does this by linking your souls and spiritual energy, which creates a bond between the two as long as the wick burns (due to the hair).I used this spell when my fiance broke up with me out of the blue (We had been dating for a year, engaged for 1/2 year, absolutely no problems), and found out my fiance was threatened with my life on the line. He couldn’t admit due to the threat without hurting me, but this spell allowed the release of those inhibitions, which then allowed us to come to a mutual agreement. Right now, we have been married for 1/2 year after the fact (2 1/2 years total) and are happy as ever.

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  11. Connie Shedge

    God bless you Doctor Bones, God Bless you. For you
    I have my man and my life back. I was loss without hope till
    you came into my life.

    Thank you for who you are

    i found

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  12. James C Scott

    I use the doc on my court case of DWI thrid offense. Was going to jail for one year if I lose. Wife said she would leave me if I when to jail
    I won the case and wife still said going leave me if i did not stop my drinking. use the Doctor to calm her down.and it work. I make a deal with her with her I drink at home and only on weekends. Its ok now.
    Thank you so much
    Jame C Scott your friend for every

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  13. riverman

    I was wanting this lady that works in the store I buy my beer in. Body like a hour glass and walks like a cat. Not get me the time of day. My friend told me about Doc Bones. He use him to bring his wife back to him that left him for another man after 25 years. I didnot believe but i was going to try any thing. Well she begin to talk to me and smile got her to go on a date with me, could not believe and everything when well. 4 months later move in with me. That been 2 years ago. She got a temper when I drink. But beside that everything good. Thank you Doc

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