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The practice of Voodoo and its rituals have been a part of the culture of Southeastern United States since the beginning of the 18th century. Florida has long been known to be home to many Voodoo priests and other practitioners of esoteric ideas and beliefs. Many of these practitioners have a great deal of knowledge and insight into the occult, and they use this knowledge to help people to understand and work with the energies of the world around them. In this article, we will examine how Florida Voodoo priests view the occult and its many aspects.

A Brief Overview of Voodoo

Voodoo is a type of spirit-based religion that is heavily influenced by the belief systems of West African Yoruba and Dahomey people. The primary focus of Voodoo practice is to gain access to the spiritual realm and draw upon its energies to help people achieve their life goals. It is believed that through different rituals and offerings to the loa, or spirit beings, practitioners can access an otherworldly source of power and protective energy.

The Role of the Voodoo Priest

The role of the Voodoo priest is to lead and guide the people who are seeking spiritual guidance and protection. The Voodoo priest acts as a bridge between the material world and the spiritual realm, providing guidance to those seeking an understanding of the unknown and allowing them to benefit from the energy and knowledge contained within the spirit plane.

Essential Teachings of Voodoo

One of the most important teachings of Voodoo is that of balance, or Ma’at. This principle asserts that there must be an equilibrium between light and darkness, order and chaos, life and death, and all other forces and energies that exist. To maintain this balance, practitioners of Voodoo use offerings and altar work to the loa, but also use divination, astrology and other forms of mystical study to better comprehend the spiritual realm.

Voodoo and the Occult

Voodoo priests view the occult, or hidden, as being the essence of all existence. They believe that the occult can provide access to the divine, a source of information that can be used to shape one’s life for the better. Voodoo priests often use divination to gain knowledge and understanding of the occult, using various methods such as tarot cards, runes and other forms of divination.


Overall, Florida Voodoo priests view the occult as a powerful source of knowledge and energy that can be tapped into and used to help people achieve their goals and better their lives. It is an important element of the Voodoo belief system, and the practitioners of this religion rely heavily upon its powers to provide them with the insight and guidance they seek.

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