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How to Tell if someone put a spell on you. People worldwide come to this website to learn about spells and magic. Others want to cast a spell on someone to show dominance, love, attraction, stop them from cheating, control them, or do something else.

They go straight to priest Nduga and tell him what’s going on and how they want his help. To give someone roots or a spell as soon as possible. You could be contained in hundreds of people Nduga has put under a spell, or it could have been done by someone else.

Have you been put under a spell?

First and leading, you need to find out the truth about how you are being used by magic to help someone. Is it the good kind of magic or the wrong kind, and what are they trying to do? Which is which when it comes to revenge, love, power, manipulation, and more?

Getting someone’s full name and a photo is the easiest way to put them under a spell. Send your problem to priest Nduga and wait for him to tell you if he can help or not.

Who do you blame if you find out that your partner has put a love spell on you? I think you should look at yourself because your doubts make your partners act up. And use magic spells and witchcraft. You don’t care enough about the relationship, cheat, and more.

Here are a few sure signs that you may be under a spell:

  • You are always in the hands of someone. Someone has a spell on us if what they say makes us do things. It’s as simple as that. This doesn’t have to be wrong, but it could be.
  • Do you feel like no matter how hard you try, something always comes along to mess things up? Then it happens?
  • Do people who don’t even know you immediately hate you?
  • Always get misjudged?
  • When strangers look at you, do they give you dirty looks or whisper bad things?
  • If it’s a love spell, you’ll think about the person even if you’ve never liked them. You’ll fall in love with this person all of a sudden.
  • If it’s a spell to hurt you, you might dream about the person who put a spell on you or that you’re begging or humiliating yourself in front of that person. Bad things could happen in your life, like a divorce, going bankrupt, feeling depressed, having suicidal thoughts, etc.


It’s hard to combine all the pieces and conclude that Someone Put A Spell On You. The first step I suggest is egg cleansing. If you try it, you won’t lose any money, so don’t be afraid. And if you want to know more about yourself, a palm and photo reading will tell you more.

Cast A Spell To Remove Person From Your Life

Priest Nduga says you can get rid of someone by using a powerful spell. We live with and love the people we meet along the way, but not everyone we live with can do the same. Maybe you’re sick of someone and wish they’d never been a part of your life.

If you’ve tried almost every trick you’ve come across, the only thing you haven’t tried is a strong magic spell to get rid of someone. I promise that 90% of the people for whom I’ve cast this spell have seen results within days.

You don’t have to deal with being hurt, mistreated, or having a family member who is always annoying. One of the most essential principal to happiness is not having any stress and being in a good place. Where have you ever seen someone sell happiness? You have to work for it and make it yourself.

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Homemade Spell To Remove Someone From Your Life

The best time to do this Spell To Remove Someone From Your Life is when the moon is waxing or new. It’s not done to get rid of someone, but to get rid of your bad feelings about them. It makes sense to end the spell by thinking about them with love. Woody nightshade is poisonous, so if you don’t want to use it, you can use a garlic bulb instead.

You’ll need to

The person’s picture Suitable place to burn the photo (one in which the ashes can be saved) The poisonous root of bittersweet (woody nightshade) or a bulb of garlic A red bag or cloth.

How to cast the spell

Put the picture of your ex-spouse in the box. Light it up.

As the picture burns, gather up all your hurt and pain. Feel them leaving you as you say these words or something like them:

Leave my heart alone and let me go. I was hoping you could leave me alone, and I don’t want your pain. As this picture gets destroyed, Help me now; I have to go on.

  • Say the words over and over until the picture is gone.
  • Hold the herb root or garlic to your solar plexus first.
  • Let the bad feelings go into the garlic root. Touching the root or the garlic to your forehead shows that you’ve turned bad feelings into good ones.
  • Wrap everything in your red bag or cloth, including the ash container.
  • As soon as possible, bury it as far from your house as possible.


When a relationship gets nasty and full of fights, it is often best to end it and move on. Or, if you still want the person in your life, you can ask me for a spell to clear the air and stop fights in your relationships.

As Priest Nduga, I believe in second chances. If you feel like you can’t let go, I’ll be here to help your relationship, friendship, or family like you again.

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