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A return to sender spell is a witchcraft ritual meant to reflect and intensify what is occurring to you back to the person who cursed or hexed you. Return to sender spells are also known as mirror spells. All of the suffering, traumatic experiences, and emotional devastation this individual caused you will be paid back to them in full.

Both revenge and karma are symbolic expressions of an individual’s ability to deplete the bad energy directed at them. The more suffering inflicted upon you, the more your oppressor will be rewarded for their evil.

Even though you would consider this a simple spell or ritual, you will need to perform a cleaning first to remove any negative energies, curses, or hexes placed on you. After that, the ritual or spell that returns the object to its original owner may be performed.

You will be freed from any bad energy, and the hex or curse will be returned to the person who placed it on you, thanks to the expertise and knowledge I have gained through my excellent work. If this individual chooses to act in the same manner again, I strongly suggest you cast a protection spell and place a ring of protection around yourself. You don’t want to become involved in a conflict that will never be resolved.

Methods for Casting “Return to Sender” Spells

It is advisable to execute this activity during a waxing moon at the stroke of midnight between Saturday and Monday. It is not a hex since you are not releasing your energy to cause harm; instead, it is a reversal spell cast to stop someone from acting maliciously against you.

You’ll Need

3 candles Cinnamon, either the leaves or the stems

5 cinnamon sticks Olive oil

Spell Procedure

  • Put all of the candles on the altar in your desired configuration.
  • Light the cloves, which should be arranged in the form of a pentagon around the candles.
  • After putting out the flames in the candles,
  • Carry out this activity for five days in a row, and then throw away or bury the materials you have used.

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Negative Energies Removal from the Body

Candle magic and a call to the elements are components of this spell. There is one point that must be brought up. Black candles were previously thought to be connected with malignancy and dark magic, but, in modern times, they are more often used to symbolize loss, melancholy, discord, and negativity.

You Will Need

  • Taper candle in white (for positive energy)
  • A candle that is either black or dark blue (for negative energy)
  • Candle of a green hue (for healing)

Spell Procedure

  • Place the candles in your holy location in the shape of a triangle, with the green candle in the corner closest to you. Put all other thinking out of your head and concentrate only on the task.
  • Light the white candle while keeping in mind the significance of its color.
  • Start the ceremony by lighting a black or blue candle, keeping in mind the significance of the color.
  • Repeat the phrases just said, and then take a little break to allow the energies to find their natural equilibrium.
  • Start by lighting the green candle, then repeat the prayer from before.
  • Take at least ten minutes to relax, concentrate on maintaining mental clarity, and focus on finding inner calm.
  • When you believe it is the appropriate moment, either snuff out the candles or let the green candle burn down entirely so that you are flooded with the spirit of healing.

You ought to have feelings of rest, relaxation, and increased readiness to deal with difficulties when they crop up. Please include this in the ritual of your spell to return something to its sender. On the other hand, you may do it as a standalone ceremony to rid oneself of any potentially harmful energy.

After casting Return To Sender, cast this protection spell to shield yourself.

Protection spells directly interact with Force Spells and Power Spells. This spell will erect a barrier around you that will prevent harmful attacks from affecting you (or whoever you cast a spell on).

Turn on the white candle and recite this mantra three times.

The next step is to put on the piece of jewelry of your choosing, whether it’s a necklace, a bracelet, or a ring, after passing it through the flame.


The backfire and karma avoidance provided by the return to sender spell is much sought after by many, mainly because you are not outright cursing or hexing this individual. It is risk-free and powerful enough to bring about the desired outcomes.

Perform the rites mentioned above for those with little or no access and privacy. I provide spell casting services with a satisfaction guarantee; however, there is a fee involved.

Make it a point to have a reading done upfront so that you may get a better idea of the kind of energies you could be up against and the likelihood of your venture’s success.

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