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Love spells have long been a part of many cultures around the world. From ancient Egyptians to the Middle Ages and beyond, people have sought out magical assistance when it comes to matters of the heart. In New Orleans, such love magic has a history that goes back centuries, and even today you can find traditional practitioners who specialize in this craft. Whether you’re looking for true love or just want to reignite an existing relationship, these are some of the best love spells New Orleans has to offer.

Love spell #1

If you’re looking for a little bit of magic to help ignite or rekindle your love life, try one of these love spells from New Orleans.

This first love spell is simple, but effective. It’s perfect for those who are seeking new love, or hoping to reignite the spark in an existing relationship.

To cast this spell, you will need:

-A pink candle
-A piece of rose quartz
-A drop of your blood (optional)
-An image or token of your desired partner (optional)


1. Begin by meditating on what you want in a relationship. Visualize the perfect partner for you, and focus on the qualities that are important to you. Alternatively, if you have a specific person in mind that you would like to attract, focus on them specifically. If using an image or token of your desired partner, hold it in your hands while Visualizing them.

2. Anoint the pink candle with a drop of your blood (if using) and light it. Hold the rose quartz in your non-dominant hand and gaze at it as you visualize yourself surrounded by love and happiness. Allow yourself to feel as though you already have what you desire. Feel the warmth of being loved and loving someone deeply.

3. Repeat the following incantation three times: “I am open to love, love comes to me easily and effortlessly. My love life is filled with joy and harmony. So mote it be!”

4. Allow the candle to burn out completely. Carry the rose quartz with you as a reminder of your intention to open yourself to love.

Love spell #2

If you’re looking to add a little extra spice to your relationship, try this love spell from New Orleans. For this spell, you will need:

-1 tablespoon of Louisiana hot sauce

-1 tablespoon of honey

-1 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar

-1 teaspoon of ground ginger

-A pinch of cayenne pepper

Simply mix all of the ingredients together and then rub it on your body (be sure to avoid any sensitive areas). As you do so, visualize your desired outcome and feel the energy of love and passion flow through you. Once you’re finished, take a nice long bath or shower to wash off the mixture.

Love spell #3

This love spell is for those who are looking for a specific person to love them. It doesn’t matter if you don’t know this person, or if they don’t know you exist. All you need is a photo of the person you desire and some personal items belonging to them.

You will also need:

– A red candle
– A piece of paper
– A pen


1. Write the name of the person you desire on the piece of paper. Include their birth date if you know it. If not, don’t worry, the spell will still work.

2. Fold the paper three times. Once you have done that, drip some wax from the red candle onto the paper, sealing it shut.

3. Hold the picture of the person in your non-dominant hand and focus on your intention of wanting them to love you back (or at least think about you romantically). Then say out loud:

“I call upon Venus, goddess of love, to bring (person’s name) into my life. I offer myself as a vessel for your love.”

4. Place the picture under your pillow and sleep with it there for seven nights straight. On the eighth night, take the picture and bury it in dirt or sand outside. As you do this, say:

“As this picture decomposes, so will (person’s name) barriers to loving me.”

5. Place the personal items belonging to the person inside your pillowcase and sleep with them for seven nights straight. On the eighth night, take all of the items out and bury them in dirt or sand outside. As you do this, say:

“As these items decompose, so will (person’s name) resistances to loving me.”

6. Finally, light the red candle and say out loud:

“Venus, goddess of love, I thank you for listening to my plea. Please bring (person’s name) into my life and fill it with love.” Let the candle burn completely before snuffing it out.

Remember that you must be patient and put your faith in this spell if you want it to work. Keep an open heart and mind and believe that love will come your way!

Love spell #4

The fourth love spell on our list is a bit more complicated than the others, but it is said to be very effective. For this spell, you will need:

-A pink candle

-A piece of paper

-A pen or pencil

-Rosemary essential oil

-Cinnamon essential oil

Start by writing your name and your lover’s name on the piece of paper. Then, cut the paper into two pieces. On one half of the paper, write “I love you” and on the other half write “I want you”.Roll up the two pieces of paper and tie them together with a pink ribbon.

Next, light the pink candle and drip some wax onto the ribbon to hold the two halves of the paper together. While the candle is burning, hold the rolled up paper in your hands and focus on your intention of wanting to be with your lover. When you are finished, extinguish the candle and put the rolled up paper under your pillow.

To complete this spell, add a few drops each of rosemary and cinnamon essential oils to a diffuser or burner. These oils will help to attract love and desire into your life.

Love spell #5

When it comes to finding love, some people are willing to try anything. If you’re one of those people, you may be interested in trying a love spell. Love spells are popular in New Orleans, and there are a number of different ways to cast them.

One of the most popular love spells is known as the “taming” spell. This spell is said to help you find your true love by taming the wildest heart. To cast this spell, you’ll need a red candle, a photo of your desired partner, and a few drops of their blood.

First, light the candle and focus on your intention of finding true love. Next, drip a few drops of blood onto the photo of your desired partner while saying their name out loud three times. Finally, blow out the candle and bury the photo near where you think they might live.

This spell is said to be most effective if it’s done during the full moon. So, if you’re looking to cast a love spell, consider doing it during the next full moon cycle.

How to use love spells

In order to use love spells, you will need some specific ingredients that can be found at most metaphysical stores. The first thing you will need is a candle. You will also need either a piece of paper or parchment, and a pen or quill. On the paper, you will write the name of the person you wish to attract three times. Once you have done this, fold the paper up and tie it with a red string or ribbon. Next, light the candle and hold the paper in your dominant hand. Focus your energy on what you desire from this spell and then say outloud:

I light this candle in the name of love
To bring (name of person) to me
For we are meant to be together
So mote it be!

Blow out the candle and carry the paper with you for seven days. On the seventh day, take the paper to a body of water and release it.


Love spells New Orleans can be a powerful tool to help you get the love and connection that you desire. Whether you are looking for something to bring your beloved back into your life or if you need some extra magical assistance in getting what you want, these love spells can be just the thing for you. However, it is important to remember that all forms of magic should only ever be used with an ethical mindset and should never harm anyone else. We hope this article has been useful in introducing some of the best love spells New Orleans has to offer – now go out there and cast those wonderful magics!

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