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Voodoo is an ancient spiritual system of African origin that both binds together and influences the culture and beliefs of many people around the world, particularly in New Orleans, Louisiana. Voodoo is often associated with dark and mysterious practices, particularly among voodoo doctors. But what is the truth behind the myth and the mysticism of Voodoo doctors in New Orleans? This article will explore the culture, rituals and beliefs of voodoo doctors in the city.

What is Voodoo?

Voodoo is an African-based religion and belief system, originating in Benin in West Africa circa 1500’s. It combines elements of African religions, Christianity, and Native American spirituality. The religion has been carried by slaves from Benin to Haiti and then to Louisiana. This syncretic nature of the religion explains why Voodoo often looks different in each place where it’s practiced.

Voodoo Culture and Beliefs

The culture and beliefs of Voodoo practitioners naturally differ by location, however, some key tenants remain the same. These include the belief that all of life is sacred, that ancestors should be honored, that the link between humans and nature transcends time and place, and that the purpose of life is to have a good relation to one’s ancestors, to other humans, and to all of the spirit world. This is why Voodoo is often depicted as a powerful religion, with so-called “magical” and spiritual elements.

Voodoo Rituals

Voodoo rituals vary by geographical location and even by practitioner. However, some common rituals include prayer and thanksgiving, the offering of prayers and offerings to the Loa, Voodoo spirits, and the burning of candles or special oils. Rituals are often performed for personal workings, such as protection, healing, and success, as well as for spiritual consultations.

Voodoo Doctors

A voodoo doctor or priest is one who has learned the ancient spiritual art of traditional Voodoo. Voodoo doctors are thought to be shamans or healers operating within the spiritual realm to facilitate the healing of body, mind, and spirit. Voodoo doctors can be found throughout the city and typically can be identified by their adornment of traditional African clothing, jewelry, and beaded designs.

In New Orleans, the practice and power of Voodoo is alive and well, and many believe that the presence of Voodoo Doctors is a key part of the city’s unique culture. Voodoo doctors play a role as both healers and spiritual guides, working to ensure their clients’ prosperity and success.


Voodoo, a syncretic spiritual practice, finds its roots in New Orleans, Louisiana. With deep cultural and belief systems, Voodoo has played an important and integral role in the city’s spiritual heritage. Voodoo doctors, powerful shamanic healers and spiritual guides, are found throughout the city and are an essential part of New Orleans’ unique spiritual practice.

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