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Candle magic forms a significant part of Hoodoo, a belief system found mainly in the southern states of the US. It’s a practice that dates back to the 19th century, and it continues to gain adherents in the present day. In Hoodoo, practitioners use candles as a powerful tool to send healing energies, support desired changes in their environment, and call upon spiritual guidance to accomplish a range of purposes. This article will discuss the power of candle magic in Hoodoo and how it can be used effectively.

History of Candle Magic

Candle magic has been used in Hoodoo, and in many other traditions and magical practices, for centuries. In Hoodoo culture, it is believed that candle magic can create powerful vibrations that are specially designed to help people achieve the results they’re looking for. As early as the 19th century, Hoodoo practitioners used candles as part of their spiritual practices such as rituals, spell casting, and energy work. Candles were also used as a way to cultivate more positive energy and attract desired outcomes.

Hoodoo Candle Color System

In Hoodoo, the colors of each candle used are important, because they represent specific meanings and energies. Each candle corresponds to a different color, and each color is believed to bring a certain kind of energy into the practice. For example, red candles represent passionate energy, green represents abundance and success, and yellow represents joy and spiritual awakening.

Types of Rituals

When doing candle magic in Hoodoo, practitioners use specific rituals as part of the process. One example of a ritual is the use of a Mojo bag. This is a bag filled with personal items like jewelry, a lock of hair or a photo, along with a candle. This ritual is used to amplify the power of the candle and tap into its power to help a practitioner manifest their desired outcome. Other types of rituals include using spells, using specific herbal ingredients, and writing an intention on the candle before lighting it.

Power of Incantations

Incantations are words or phrases used to create a specific kind of energy to help to bring about a desired outcome. These incantations are used in many rituals in Hoodoo, including candle magic. When using candles in Hoodoo, practitioners will recite incantations while lighting the candle to help to intensify its power. These incantations help to further focus the ritual in order to attract the desired outcome.

Drawing Down the Moon

Drawing Down the Moon is another ritual that uses the power of candle magic in Hoodoo. It is a powerful ritual that is used to gain spiritual protection, and to create a connection between the spiritual, astral, and physical realms. In this ritual, practitioners will light a white, black, or blue candle and recite a special incantation that helps to draw down the power of the moon. Drawing Down the Moon is a powerful ritual that can be used to create a spiritual connection, and to promote protection, insight, and growth.


Candle magic is an important part of Hoodoo, and a powerful tool to help practitioners manifest their desired outcome. Each color of the candle carries its own specific energy, and must be used with certain rituals and incantations in order to create the best possible results. Candles can also be used in drawing down the moon rituals to gain spiritual protection, and to tap into deep spiritual energy. By understanding the power of candle magic in Hoodoo, practitioners can create powerful changes in their lives using this powerful tool.

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