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Voodoo death is real and is caused through such fatal spells by a Voodoo priest. Voodoo doctors have such strong power of imagination that works through unmitigated terror over the targeted person.

A voodoo doctor controls the mind of the targeted person. There are cases where the cursed person is drained with hopelessness. He refuses to have food, even water. Voodoo doctors can also cause real death with strong curses over the individual. The sudden deaths are caused by immediate shock and fear. The terms such as phenomenon, psychogenic and psychosomatic deaths are used for such Voodoo deaths by Voodoo doctors.

Frequently, it has been observed that a few of the members of the primitive societies have died due to the curses of the Voodoo doctors. Such Voodoo deaths are generally due to emotional shock, and other dangerous Voodoo spells by the Voodoo doctors. The targeted person sees himself in such a situation where he cannot control his external forces and he finds restrictions towards it. Also, he senses being incapable of controlling the situation.

 Voodoo death cannot be performed by normal Voodoo doctors. Such can only be performed by a qualified spell caster. It is also really dangerous to be covered into the trap of Voodoo doctors

Not causing deaths, the Voodoo doctor can also choose to harm the victims at your request. They may cause an imbalance in their body by repeated vomiting, dizziness, stomach aches, or headaches. The Voodoo doctor with their persistence and profoundness can suddenly fall or rise blood pressure. 

Though modern scientists do not believe in Voodoo death, the Voodoo priests have proven their ability.

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