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A little city with spooky legends is located in the northeastern part of India. In India, the stories of Mayang village in the Morigaon district of Assam are even older than those of the Brahmaputra River. Witches and saints of black magic still live in this village’s forests. The town has a history that isn’t worth hearing and stories that are scarier than a cemetery.

The background

Mayong or Mayang is a city on the banks of the Brahmaputra River. Its name comes from the Sanskrit word Maya, which means “illusion.” The other stories about how the village got its name are less common than this one. Several mythological epics, including the Mahabharatha, talk about this small village. The most surprising thing is that witchcraft and sorcery have been used and taught in this country for a long time.

The Mayang Village’s History

Mayong is in the district of Morigaon in Assam. It is 40 km from Guwahati. The name of the village comes from a few different places. One theory says that the name Mayong comes from the words “Ma-anga,” where “ma” means “mother” and “anga” means “body part,” specifically the womb of the Hindu goddess Kamakhya.

Some people say it comes from the Sanskrit word “Maya,” which means “illusion,” while others say it comes from the Dimasa word “miyong,” which means “elephant.”

In history, a Kachari king from Maibong, which used to be the capital of the Dimasa Kachari kingdom, founded the kingdom of Mayong. This is shown by a genealogy document held by the current royal family of Mayong. In 1624, the kingdom of Mayong was made, and Sunyata Singha was named its first king.

Mayong is mentioned in a few old Hindu texts, like the Mahabharata, where Ghatotkacha, Bheema’s son, took part in the battle of Mahabharata after getting magical powers from Mayong. People even think that the well-known magician PC Sorkar went to Mayong to learn some magic tricks.

What most caught our attention?

According to the village’s memories, human sacrifices, called Narabali, were done as part of the worship of Shakti until the beginning of the modern era. Archaeologists have recently found swords and other sharp weapons in the woods that look like the ones used for sacrifices in India. This proves that people were killed in this way. The stories that scared us the most were about men who just vanished into thin air, people who turned into animals, and wild animals that could be tamed by chanting a mantra. Spooky, right?

Several spells that alarmed us

According to Mayang mythology, none of the village’s many spells used to do black magic could change the weather. You could say the “Luki Mantra” to make people vanish or the “Udan Mantra” to fly through thin air. Some spells can change a leaf into a fish or a wrong person into a pet. And I could go on.

Because of a practice they use to get rid of pain, the local healers in Mayang are better than the doctors there. They treat it by putting a copper dish on the source of the injury and waiting for the dish to “eat away” the pain. People also think that if the pain is too bad, the dish will get too hot and break into pieces on the ground.

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Lost something in Mayang? Don’t worry! The witches will help you find what you’re looking for. Then, they put a flower in a metal bowl and set the bowl on the ground. The bowl then moves on its own in the direction of the lost or stolen item and stops when it finds it. We wish we could use a trick like this. It would have been a lot simpler!

What else exists in this strange village?

Mayang is known for more than just its scary stories and history. It is also known for its natural beauty, wildlife, and archaeology. More and more travelers are coming to the village, which has opened the doors to new ideas and ways of thinking. Some of these people learn only about the dark arts, while others come to see what Mother Nature has to offer.

Due to the proximity of the Pobitora Wildlife Sanctuary to the settlement, wildlife plays a significant part in Mayang’s tourist industry. There are more one-horned rhinoceroses in the sanctuary than anywhere else. The connection between the animals of Mayang and the dark arts can be seen at the Mayong-Pobitora Festival, a celebration of the mix of nature and magic.

Increased Popularity for Mayang

Few people know how to do magic today, and young people are moving to cities to find better jobs. The older people still use the craft, but because the population is dropping, the legendary magical art of Mayong may soon become a thing of the past.

Things are getting better, though. The state is promoting Mayong as a tourist spot, and the number of people visiting this scary village has increased significantly in the last few years.

In Mayong, there is also a museum where you can see, among other things, magical relics, weapons, old coins, scripts, jewelry made from bones and skulls, and tools used for human sacrifice. People in the area can also tell you interesting stories and give you a lot to think about, which will keep you guessing all night.

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