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Voodoo, also known as Vodou or Vodun, is a religion that has its roots in West Africa and was brought to the Americas during the transatlantic slave trade. The practice of Voodoo in Florida is a unique blend of African, Caribbean, and American cultures. In this blog post, we will explore the world of Voodoo priests in Florida and their role in the spiritual community.

History of Voodoo in Florida

Voodoo was brought to Florida by enslaved Africans in the 18th and 19th centuries. The religion was heavily suppressed by slave masters and the dominant Christian culture, but it still managed to survive and evolve. Today, Voodoo is a vibrant and important aspect of the Afro-Caribbean community in Florida.

The Role of Voodoo Priests

Voodoo priests, also known as houngans or mambos, play a crucial role in the spiritual community. They are considered to be the intermediaries between the spirit world and the human world, and are responsible for performing rituals and ceremonies to heal the sick, bring good luck, and protect their community from harm. They also act as spiritual guides, helping individuals to understand and connect with the spirit world.

Voodoo Ceremonies and Rituals

Voodoo ceremonies and rituals are a central part of the religion and are led by the houngans or mambos. These ceremonies can include drumming, singing, dancing, and the use of various ritual objects such as candles, herbs, and animal sacrifices. These rituals are performed to honor the spirits, ask for their help and guidance, and to bring good luck and prosperity to the community.


Voodoo is a rich and diverse religion that has played an important role in the Afro-Caribbean community in Florida for centuries. The houngans and mambos, or Voodoo priests, are the spiritual leaders of this community and play a crucial role in connecting individuals to the spirit world and helping them to achieve their goals. Their ceremonies and rituals are a vital part of this religion and serve to honor the spirits, bring good luck, and protect their community from harm.

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