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Voodoo is a practice where people ask for help with various problems and situations. Voodoo priests say that they provide spiritual support and guidance to people from all walks of life. For example, they are called to assist people with problems with their job or relationships. Voodoo priests may also be called to help solve legal issues.

Several voodoo priests and priestesses have provided consultations to those seeking help with spiritual or psychic problems. They have been operating in South Florida and Brooklyn for years. In fact, more Haitian-owned religious stores have opened up in areas such as Miami-Dade County and Miramar. Some of these stores are located in shopping malls, and others offer services in private homes.

Voodoo is an ancient African religion that was brought to the western hemisphere by slaves. Slave-owners were forbidden to practice their native religion in public. Today, the practice of voodoo is popular in the United States and is practiced by 16 percent of Haitian Protestants.

In the United States, voodoo became an important cultural touchstone for the masses and a powerful government tool. It was also brought to the United States by Haitian immigrants. Today, voodoo is a mainstream religion in many cities, including Miami. For some, voodoo represents family, nature, and love. Its practice has spread to even the most well-heeled homes.

Voodoo is a largely male religion, with male priests called oungans and priestesses. Vodoo priests and priestesses practice the rituals of Haitian voodoo. However, there are also women in the priesthood. The latter are often called ounganbos.

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