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Do you want revenge spells or justice to someone who has been wronged and you need to feed him the taste of his pillow? Here are the powerful voodoo revenge spells for you. You would often hear these spells called black magic spells.

because they are executed by the powers of the black magic Occasionally people take advantage of others

I will refer to this powerful voodoo revenge spell. but In addition, it is for those who feel they need strong justice.

This Powerful voodoo revenge spell is not for those who have had a one-off dispute that will be resolved in a few days. This spell of revenge is also not for those who are about to change their hearts. That means they feel sorry for their enemy when they start paying for what they did. This spell only works on adults. And I also make sure the goal gets an equal penalty when I spend it.

Revenge spell requirements

To take revenge, you must clearly state your name and date of birth. Also, name your enemy(s) (maximum 2-3) and date of birth if you have any.

If you have a picture of your enemy(s) you can message me, that is even better in terms of connecting to the target. but make sure there are no innocent people in the picture.

If you wish you can leave a small explanation of what this enemy has done for you. so that I can prepare properly. but do not say what you want to do with him, as you could reach the karma. Whatever happens, that’s all you need to know. Also, make sure you want to take advantage of this service and you won’t regret it later.

How long does it take for revenge spells to work?

It will take a few days to prepare revenge spells.

there are only 2 days per week that I would normally use to prepare the powerful voodoo revenge spells/black spells, and it does require a bit of preparation. There is also plenty of material for the revenge spells themselves.

If you would like to discuss revenge spells with Doctor bones, please contact me by email or call

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