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An oungan (sometimes written houngan) is a male priest in the African religion of Vodou. A “manbo” is a woman who works in a traditionally male-dominated field.

A common misconception is that oungans find jobs after having a dream encounter with a lwa (spirit). As part of these visions, believers are selected to serve the faith in various capacities. Funerals, births, rituals of healing and cleansing, and other events are all open to their observation. They perform ritual dances, songs, and chants to summon a lwa. When a person is visited by a particular lwa but refuses to become an oungan, the lwa’s followers believe that the lwa will cause the person to become sick or even die if he does not become an oungan and serve the religion.

Milokan Botanical and Spiritual Supply Company, Inc.

North Miami Beach, FL, is home to Milokan Botanica, an easily accessible religious goods shop. Our 2012 storefront offers various high-end religious, spiritual, and mystical supplies. Staff members have been trained to offer excellent product recommendations to consumers experiencing spiritual difficulties or having questions.

Milokan Botanica thinks combining traditional spirituality with a modern and safe shopping experience is essential. The products made by Milokan Botanica are always made with tradition and effectiveness in mind. Milokan Botanica is the best place in South Florida to buy all your spiritual needs, like Haitian Vodou items, Santeria and Ifa tools, spell kits, Wiccan ingredients, and herbal medicines.

Call (305)816-6518 to learn more about the owner’s spiritual services. Spiritual Readings are one of the services and products offered. Spiritual Baths Oils Candles and scents Colognes Rosaries Bibles Religious Books In the U.S., you can now order products by phone.

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Psychic Readings Healing

You want an honest and accurate reading. Phone readings start at $30 for 15 minutes, which is very cheap. (You can place an order on the website. If something goes wrong, call for an easy fix. What’s going on with you and your partner? How does he feel? Are you on the right path with your job? If you moved, would your life be better? Find out what’s likely to happen if you keep going the way you are. Check out what you can do. Know what’s going on and what you need to do to make your life better in every way. Call now to find out what you need to know. (505) 573-7964

Psychic Voodoo Priest

Expert in psychic love, Kristina is ranked number one in the U.S. regarding love and relationships. Welcome My psychic and E.S.P. Energies was born with the ability to cast real psychic spells.

A psychic is a professional advisor. I use my gift to help all of my clients make good decisions and move in a good direction. When you schedule your psychic reading or love spell, you will get a detailed and very accurate reading that covers all the areas of your life where you need the most help. I’ll help you get the information you can’t get alone. My main goal is to help you get the results you want in your life. I also want to help you find specific answers to your questions and make lasting changes.

Psychics are especially good at helping people with broken hearts, divorces, health problems, career problems, and separations, as well as those who want to start over in life. I’ll help you get what you’ve lost or what you’re missing in life back.

Healer Shaman Voodoo Priest

Fr. Flavio MoyShaman(CRP) and TheurgistShamanic Initiation-Peru, Certified Reiki Master (Sekhem Heka). Energy Healer, Started in two Mystical Schools in Egypt. Practitioner of Alchemy, Gnostic Disciple, Legally Ordained in the U.S. Member of the American Counseling Association, and a spiritual counselor.

Mother Nature is always in perfect harmony, and so can you.

Balance can help you get rid of any bad things in your life. Your soul, mind, body, and life experiences are all linked. Nothing can happen in your Life (your Field) without your soul’s permission. I work at this level, and together we bring harmony and oneness to your physical life and your soul’s path.

Psychic Anna Love Specialist

Anna can help you connect with your inner self. Anna has been able to sharpen and tune in to my psychic power over the years. Anna thinks she is fortunate to be able to help other people find their way in life. Life can be hard at times, and Anna has made it her mission to be there for people and help them.

Spirit Voodoo Priest

Anna can tune into my clients’ situations and talk to their spirit guides directly, so my psychic abilities have no limits. This means that there is no problem Anna can’t help you solve and no realm Anna can’t enter. Over the past 45 years, Anna has become an expert at using proven love spells to help lovers get back together and help people find love.

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