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Using Wiccan love spells with hair is the most frequent method, and it is also the most straightforward and most successful technique to link two souls together when it comes to sorcery and casting love spells. The magic is so powerful and readily disrupted to create the things you need because it is a direct bond with someone.

Love magic may seem to many to be simple, but in reality, it is the most difficult of all forms of magic. With money and prosperity spells, millions of individuals have achieved financial success and amassed a significant fortune. But you should fail in the love zone.

You, who are on a personal quest to gain the love of your life or bring back lost love, should thus make sure that all of your available possibilities are adequately explored. Casting a vote may be more complicated than getting expert assistance. Wiccan love charms using hair as an ingredient

Wiccan love spell using hair to increase attraction

You should attempt this spell on the person you love even if you get the impression that they do lousy vibe the same way about you. Be conscious that by employing this spell, you are endeavoring to influence the other individual directly. You are using a kind of symbolic magic since the hair represents the individual whose behavior you want to alter.

You’ll Need

A few strands of the individual’s hair were taken.

The incense has the aroma of roses.

Love Spell Procedure

  • Incense should be lit now.
  • Say the name of the person you have feelings for quite a few times, each time adding the phrase “[Name], love me now.”
  • Keep your hand on the burning incense for as long as it takes for the hair to become unruly.
  • Consider that when the flames consume the hair, their apathy vanishes and is replaced with ardor.
  • Allow the incense to burn down completely.

You should have made an effort to understand why the other person feels indifferent before carrying out this action, and you should have thought about whether or not what you are suggesting is acceptable. It would be unethical to attempt to influence the person you are interested in dating if, for example, they had never been in a committed relationship before and have no idea how to make that commitment.

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2 Spells to Preserve the Life of Your Love

If you use these two charms to maintain the life of your love, you may avoid spending those dreadful nights all by yourself. Most individuals in failing relationships are aware that they are on a path that will eventually be destructive months before it occurs. Before the connection has been definitively severed, what you do now will determine the situation’s outcome.

Cast a spell to keep your love going strong!

Although whirlwind romances may be the stuff of romantic tales, in actual life, flames are the ones that take the longest to take hold, are the first to go out, and are the ones who die first. Casting this spell takes some time, but it is well worth the wait. It is best to do this task moonless night when the sky is clear.

You are going to need to:

  • A package containing seeds.
  • A whole new flowerpot
  • Potting compost
  • A tiny copper coin

Take the coin outdoors and hold it to the moon before you open your circle. While you do this, concentrate your thoughts on the person whose attention you are attempting to attract to you while you do.

Once you have finished the opening rites, you should go to your sacred or quiet location and bury the currency in the flowerpot. The seeds should be scattered on top in the shape of the letters of the other person’s first and last name. Love should take hold in your life and flourish much as the seeds do when they begin to sprout and produce new growth.

Spell that would enable you to maintain a burning love

This is just one of the numerous love spells crafted by young ladies desperate to find a partner throughout the years. It has been successful for a good number of them. There is no justifiable explanation for why you shouldn’t have success with it.

You will require:

  • A very fragrant and young red rose.
  • Two candles in a crimson color

Put the rose and the candles in a particular place before you. Determine the time when the sun will rise the following day.

Arrange the rose and the candles so they face each other on the altar, with one candle on each side of the flower. It would be superb if, in addition to the candles, you could leave a talisman or appropriate gemstone for the occasion.

The next day at dawn, take the rose outdoors, inhale the lovely fragrance it exudes, and then hold it in front of you.

Proceed inside, place the rose so it is centered between the candles, and then light them. Keep your attention on the flame, and see genuine love kindling inside the beating heart of the person whose attention you want. Alternately, if you can’t think of someone, in particular, try to think of someone whose personality and appearance you find appealing.

Keep the flames burning until the rose no longer has any blooms, at which point you should blow out the candles and bury the rose in the garden. If you do not have access to a park, you may preserve the rose by pressing it between the pages of your preferred poetry collection. You may press the rose by placing it between two sheets of clean paper, or if you have photographs in a large format, you can press the rose by placing it between two pictures.

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